Sunday, November 1, 2015

On those who went before

In my quest to find details and advice on things like electrical systems, plumbing, hot water, space-saving ideas etc. I’ve started to come across others who have done this before, and documented their journey both figurative and literal.

Van Dog Traveller is the story of a young man who quit his job, bought an LDV Convoy, converted it and has spent the last year and a half travelling around Europe:

Deep Red is a similar story told from an older viewpoint. This couple bought a new van to create their own self-build motorhome for holidaying. They don’t like in theirs full time but they have done a pretty decent job of documenting the entire process with information on the toolss and techniques they used as well as the build process itself:

Update 17/11/2015

Handmade Matt briefly covers his build process on his blog here: http://handmadematt. … atch-to-home-on.html

Build a Campervan, while not about a specific build, covers loads of general info that we will want to refer to. Although it appears that this is geared more towards “conventional” motorhomes rather than the full-time home that we plan to have, with many quirky touches that will be planned or that will creep in as we go along!

I’ll update this entry with more like this, if and when I find them. If you have come across any good self-build blogs please leave them in the comments below!