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Drivey Cottage

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

An interim update

Progress so far has been slow due to factors including working full time, the weather, the fact that Drivey Cottage currently resides in Kenilworth where we reside in Daventry and the fact that we’re doing the boring bit.

A full update will come later, but we are still in the process of stripping old timbers and preparing to treat and resupport the steel frame in readiness for the interesting bits. Which are still in the planning stage. But I guess once we get going it will all sort of fall into place. Right?

I also recently invested in Van Dog Traveller’s book on how he built his van. I find his writing generally very good and easy to follow along with, and his simple approach to graphic design is fun too. In particular his love of electronics makes the idea of putting together my own electrical system (under his guidance) a little more bearable.

(Is that good enough for you Martin?)