Friday, November 13, 2015

Drivey Cottage

Those of you who have seen this blog before about yesterday may notice that the name of the site has changed. Well, the new van no longer needs a name as it has one.

So we went to Midsomer to collect ‘the van formally known as the new van’, and stopped in Bristol to show her off to a few friends before finally delivering her to the farm where she will rest up while we start work stripping her down to ensure the frame is sound and to begin re-cladding her. Part of this repainting will include hand painting the frame, having put down a good layer of rust proof primer and then a respray of the cab courtesy of Mal, Lindsey’s father, who has a new-found love of airbrushing.

While discussing possibilities for artwork that we might want on the cab to brighten it up a bit Mal suggested he could paint some ivy growing up around the cab and perhaps around the box. He then went on to suggest that we might then want to call our new home ‘Drivey Cottage’.

A sucker for puns, I immediately fell in love with the idea and said it enough times that Lindsey gave up shouting at me to be quiet, so I think she’s on board as well.

Hopefully future writings on here will contain a bit more detail on our planning process (sort of think about it and doodle a bit), the materials we’ll be using (when we know…) and then some documentation of the build process. Somewhere I have an old mobile phone that I re-purposed as a time lapse camera. If I can dig that out then maybe even some time lapse videos of our build days (no promises!).